Not much is known about him besides the fact that his childhood was terrible, and he constantly immortalizes it in his art. He is also very childish and immature at times. He also had a crush on Princinpal Skidmore in his only episode, they even went on a date, but Skidmore dumped him when he couldn't afford their meal, indicating he has little money.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

In "Our Trip to FrANTs", he discovers Fletcher's art and tries to make him famous. Later, he dates Principal Skidmore, but she dumps him.

Xavier Monet
Gender Male
Age 42
Nationality French
Other Information
Resides in Paris, France
School N/A
Relationships Susan Skidmore (date)
Professional Information
Profession Artist
Family Unknown mother
Unknown father
First appearance Our Trip to FrANTs
Last appearance Our Trip to FrANTs
Portrayed by Brian Stepanek