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Chyna Parks (bff)

Taylor Pepe is a main character, also the newest student at Webster High. She used to go to Hallburg Junior High until the school flooded so she had to go transfer to a new school in a new country. She isn't afraid of the big kids just like Chyna. At first, Chyna thought Taylor was evil but then knew she was nice. They became friends after Taylor's breakdown.


Taylor is cute, funny, and nice but when she saw Chyna she wanted to be like her but now she learned to be herself. Unlike Olive, she mostly smart but not like really-really smart. She also uses teenage girl slang like totes, cray-cray, fur-reaking, etc. She is a little shy like most ANTs but is sometimes fearless like Lexi and Chyna. And when she's feeling down, the ANTs knows when to pick her back up.

Musical style and Vocal abilitiesEdit

She is a mezzo-soprano and can span 3 octaves (G#3-E7). Taylor's highest belt note is A5. Her falsetto's starts at F#5 and ends at Eb6. Her head voice starts at G5 and ends at Bb5. She has the special use of the whistle register and can imitate a bird by doing it. Her genres of music are Pop, Synth-pop, and glam rock. Taylor used Auto-Tune on one of her songs. Her inspirations are Cher, Britney Spears, and Victoria Justice.