Olive Olivia "Olive" Daphne Doyle  is a human computer. Thanks to her eidetic memory, Olive can remember anything she's ever heard, seen, or read. Olive, always ready with a fact about pretty much everything, is somewhat of an over-thinker. She was born on May 16,2000


Olive is a very organized person. She organizes everything she stores in a perfect alphabetical system, and is disgusted by disorganization. She is afraid of many of the students at Webster High, and often wants nothing to do with them. Some people may find her annoying due to her random facts and talkative nature. However, sometimes she can be a bit clueless. She is Multilingual because she has photographic memory. Her name is revealed as Olivia in "Boogie ANTs".


Chyna ParksEdit

Olive is best friends with Chyna. They appear to be very close, but usually Chyna has to help her break out of her shell when she shies away from things such as hanging out with the big kids or going to parties.

Fletcher QuimbyEdit

(BEST FRIEND,) Fletcher and Olive have been in the A.N.T. Program for a while. They appear to be somewhat good friends in the show. In In a TrANTce, it is hinted that they may like each other. In UnwANTed, Fletcher and Olive will share a kiss, realize their feelings for each other and get together.

Lexi ReedEdit

Olive and Lexi do not seem to be very fond of each other.

Cameron ParksEdit

Cameron thinks that Olive is annoying.

Taylor PepeEdit

Taylor thinks that Olive is very smart and nice. Olive thinks it's OK if Taylor can call her by her real name because she's British. Sometimes when Olive is talking too long and fast, Taylor tells her to calm