Mrs. Holly Wood was the new Drama Teacher at Webster High, since Mr. Zimbaldi was doing a play on Broadway. She is an actress and singer on TV. She is portrayed by Amanda Bynes.


She is very nice and sweet. She barely gets mad and when she does, she gives warnings.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 3Edit

In "Drama-ANTs", she appears at the school looking for a job. She tells the secretary she prefers the Drama teacher job considering she is an actress and singer. The kids seem to like her a lot.

In "Singing with the ANTs", she tells Chyna that her record label is looking for young talent. She then listens to Chyna's song. She later sings a duet with Chyna.

In "ANT Farm Goes Hollywood", she takes the ANT Farm kids to Hollywood to see a broadway show. When some of the kids get separated from her group, she goes to save the day. She breaks them out of jail and they run from the police. They end up getting caught and come clean. She later returns to the school with the kids and they tell her they enjoyed the trip.

In "Hairspray ANTs", she returns to Hollywood without telling the ANTs. She then live chats with them and tells them she got the opportunity of a life-time and misses the kids. They say there sad goodbyes and she logs off. She makes a cameo at the end at the kids Hairspray show, revealing that she took a plane down to the school just to see them.

In "TalANT Show", she visits the ANT Farm and surprises the ANT's by being the surprise judge at their Talent Show. She helps decide the winner and then says goodbye to the ANT's and goes back to Hollywood.


  • Her name is Mrs. Holly Wood considering she is from Hollywood.
  • She has made 5 appearances in the show so far.
  • She will no longer appear, due to the actress who plays her has personal conflicts.
  • It was revealed that she returned to Hollywood.
Holly Wood
Amanda bynes
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Other Information
Resides in Hollywood, California
School N/A
Relationships N/A
Professional Information
Profession Drama Teacher


Family N/A
First appearance Drama-ANTs
Last appearance TalANT Show
Portrayed by Amanda Bynes