Lexi's New Love IntrANT
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date August 31, 2012
Written by IndieLOL11
Directed by IndieLOL11
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A Series of Unfortunate EvANTs


Lexi starts dating Paisley's cousin from Spain, but is heartbroken to learn his plans...


Alfredo, Paisley's gorgeous cousin from Spain, transfers to Webster High and get along with everyone. As soon as he meets Lexi, it's love at first sight. They start dating. After a romantic 2 weeks of dating, Lexi falls in love with Alfredo, but learns of his dodgy history with girls. Apparently, he would date a girl for EXACTLY 4 and a half weeks, then cruelly break their heart to go onto his next victum.

Lexi, with the help of Paisley, Chyna and Olive, stages a prank in revenge. Seconds before it goes off, Lexi realizes it had been after 4 and a half weeks. Alfredo learns Lexi knows about his relationships with girls and confronts her. He explains that all those other girls were not like Lexi and that he truely loved her. The prank goes off and Alfredo is kicked in the butt by a steel boot. He is rushed to hopital and has to say in a wheelchair for a year. Alfredo forgives Lexi, says he does love her, but cannot be with her as she didn't just come and asked him what was going on. They have a passionate kiss goodbye and Alfredo moves back to Spain.


Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, Gibson and all the ANTs get lost in a hedge maze on a "monthly ANT trip" and try to find a way out. When they do, they realize something important... Gibson is still in the hedge!


China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks

Sienna McCormick as Olive Doyle

Jake Short as Fletcher Quimby

Stefaine Scott as Lexi Reed


Allie DeBerry as Paisley Houndstooth

Zach Steel as Gibson

Guest StarEdit

Kenton Duty as Alfredo Socorro


Carlon Jeffery as Cameron Parks

Running GagsEdit

  • Paisley getting Alfredo's name wrong


  • This is a special 45 minute episode
  • This is kinda of a All-About-Lexi episode