IndependANTs Day== IndependANTs Day is an A.N.T Farm episode in Season 3.


Chyna finds out that her favorite singer, Illy Winds, is having a 4th of July concert in Los Angeles. She invites Fletcher and Olive, and during the weekend they get Cameron to drive them in his car.

But everything goes wrong when the car hits another on a side street. Chyna, Fletcher, Olive, and Cameron discover that it is Illy Winds herself in the car that they hit.

Illy is not upset, but is pretty mad at how her day has turned out. One of her backup singers had to quit on her, so Chyna asks is she could replace her. Illy agrees and they head off to the concert.

Back in San Francisco, Darryl and Angus find a treasure chest at the beach. They dig it up and find that it's full of loot. They think they're rich and load it into Darryl's police car.

On the way back to Darryl's house, Darryl find a runaway that the police had been searching for for a long time. They take the criminal back to the station, but find out that somehow the criminal stole all the loot.

In LA, Chyna sings along with Illy, but a mysterious stranger shoves Illy off the stage. Everyone think Chyna is the culprit, so the concert is ruined. Chyna escapes with the rest of the gang in Cameron's car and they head back to San Francisco.

Darryl and Angus discover that the loot was in the trunk the whole time and leave it in the driveway. Cameron, Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive don't notice and drive right over the chest.

When they take the broken chest to a jeweler, they discover everything was fake.

The episode ends with a phone call from Illy Winds, telling Chyna to meet her at the hotel she was currently staying in. Chyna decides not to go but gets a strange letter the next day.