Flip a Switch is a song in EnchANTment performed by Chyna parks.


Flip a switch! Flip it! Flip it! Make it twich! Oh, oh, oh

Take a switch and turn it, turn it, turn it, make it twich

Make it twich! Make it twich! Flip a switch! Make it go farther...farther,

We're in a fairytale world!


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Flip a switch, switch, switch, switch,

Make it twich, twich twich, twich,

from us to them, we're gonna flip a switch,

transform us into a fiarytale world in a little glitch,

Gonna hitch us a ride, Gonna switch us around.

Flip a switch! We go diffeent! Make us wish!

Take us! Take us! It's a world, just flip the switch! And get

it in a fairytale world! From enchantments around!