DisadvANTages of New Year's
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date December 30, 2011
Written by FashionGal
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AbsANT Day
DisadvANTages of New Year's is the 23nd episode in season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It premiered on December 30, 2011.


Webster High decides to have a New Year's parade and arty. Chyna hears that there is a talent contest and decides to compete in it. Lexi finds out too, but she isn't afriad to play dirty. The prize is the become an actor/actress. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher try to get a New Year's kiss. Olive is forced by Skidmore to recite many speeches.



  • This episode's plot was decided by fans on a poll.
  • This was FashionGal's idea.
  • This is an 1-hour long special.
  • It is the New Year's special.