Cameron Parks

Full Name

Cameron O. Parks



Resides in

San Francisco, CA


Webster High

Cameron Parks is the older, but crazy brother of Chyna. He doesn't really have a talent, according to Chyna and their dad. He is often embarrassed of Chyna, but he helps her and the A.N.T.s when they need it.


Cameron is shown to be sometimes self-centered and greedy. He is also very interested in girls and likes to flirt with them, thinking he is a ladies' man. Although he doesn't really have a talent, he is constantly trying to find something in which he excels at, used to being in his younger sister's shadow.


Chyna ParksEdit

He seems to be irritated that she moved into high school with him, he also thinks that it's not fair that she has a special talent and he doesn't.

Olive DoyleEdit

He thinks she is extremely annoying due to her embarrassing him a lot.

Fletcher QuimbyEdit

They are not seen together much, but they do hang out a lot.

Lexi ReedEdit

They are somewhat friends.