Antonio Parks is Chyna andCameron's cousin. He has appeared in My Cousin ANTonio and ReturnANTs. He is portrayed by Jaden Smith.


As seen in My Cousin ANTonio, he is very mischevious. He's also rude, sarcastic, and judgmental. Although he seems purely evil on the outside, but he's actually a normal kid who's jealous of Chyna's talents. His envy of her talents is the reason why he torments his cousins. Because of his villainous mind, he's smart, but he doesn't want people to know, because he doesn't want to be a "nerd" like Olive. He used to have a crush on Lexi, who didn't return his feelings. When he appeared in ReturnANTs, it was revealed that he likes Olive, but didn't tell anyone. He is friends with Paisley and Principal Skidmore.


Character HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

In "My Cousin ANTonio", he visits from Georgia, and torments Chyna, Cameron, and their friends. He also befriends Paisley and Principal Skidmore.

Season 3Edit

In "ReturnANTs", he came for a visit, but ends up ruining Chyna and Fletcher's first date.

In "The Jealous ANTs", he is seen trying to tell Olive his feelings, but Chyna blabbed it to Angus, who isn't going to let him "steal" her away from him.


  • Smith Jaden Smith is 13, but his character Antonio is 11.
  • When he first appeared in season 2, he was 11, but in his appearances in season 3, he's 13, meaning 2 years may have passed since My Cousin ANTonio.
  • He has appeared in 3 episodes through the series.

Antonio Parks
Gender Male
Age 11 (Season 2)
13 (Season 3)
Nationality African-American
Other Information
Resides in Decatur, Georgia
School N/A
Relationships Lexi Reed (former crush)
Olive Doyle (crush)
Professional Information
Profession Student
Family Chyna Parks (cousin)

Cameron Parks (cousin)

Darryl Parks (uncle)

Roxanne Parks (aunt)

First appearance My Cousin ANTonio
Last appearance The Jealous ANT (possibly)
Portrayed by Jaden Smith