Alfredo is Paisley's cousin and Lexi's boyfriend in Lexi's New Love IntrANT.


Lexi ReedEdit

Lexi is Alfredo's girlfriend in Lexi's New Love IntrANT. She has a soft, kind personality when it comes to Alfredo. As soon as they're eyes meet, it is love at first sight. They start to spend time together and offically start dating, within 3 days. Lexi learns of Alfredo's past with girls, about how he tricks girls so he can dump them. She stages a prank, but as it goes off, Alfredo says she isn't like those other girls and that he truely loved her, but it was too late. In hostipal, Lexi apoligizes and tells him she was just mad and does care about him and love him. He says he loves her too, forgives her, but he can't be with her as she didn't just be honest and ask him what was going on. They share a passionate kiss and a tearful goodbye. After he recovers, Alfredo moves back to Spain.

Gender Male
Age 16
Nationality Spanish
Other Information
Resides in Spain
School Webster High(formerly)
Relationships Lexi Reed(ex-girlfriend)

Paisley Houndstooth(cousin)

Professional Information
Profession Student
Family Paisley Houndstooth(cousin)
First appearance Lexi's New Love IntrANT
Last appearance Lexi's New Love IntrANT
Portrayed by Kenton Duty