A Little RomANTs
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date July 1, 2011
Written by Flynalover
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A Little RomANTs is the 4th episode in season one of A.N.T. Farm. It aired July 1, 2011.


Fletcher feels as if Chyna is ignoring him, and is too focused on her speech, so he then asks Olive how to make Chyna to like him more, but Olive refuses. Meanwhile, Cameron tries to woo Lexi.


Battle of the Schools is coming up at Webster High, and Principal Skidmore has set up a contest to see who can deliver the best speech to present it at the event. Chyna is so fed up with her speech, she doesn't realize she's ignoring the people around her. When Olive suggests to Chyna that she could help her write the winning speech, Chyna insists she do it on her own, and that Olive should enter the contest herself. Fletcher wants Chyna to win the contest, and he's worried Olive will beat her in the competition. Olive and Chyna argue, and Olive decides to enter the contest and write a speech of her own. Fletcher feels like Chyna is ignoring him, so he asks Olive to try and make her like him more, but Olive refuses. Meanwhile, Cameron wants to ask Lexi out on a date but Lexi says the only way she'll go out with him is if he "wows" her. Cameron continually tries to woo Lexi.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Fletcher: Olive, can you please help me with something.

Olive: Why should I help you? What have you ever done for me?

Fletcher: Well...

Olive: Exactly.

Fletcher: But you should help me because your super awesome, nice, smart, fun, funny, and the list goes on!

Olive: Well, I guess that's kind of true. What can I do for you?


To view the A Little RomANTs script, go here, although it is not complete yet.