3 GrANTed Wishes
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date June 17, 2011
Written by Flynalover
Directed by FashionGal
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3 GrANTed Wishes is the second episode in season 1 of A.N.T. Farm. It first premired June 17, 2011. The episode plot was created by FashionGal. The script was written by Flynalover.


A genie grants Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive each a wish, but it turns out to be a disaster for Chyna and Fletcher. Meanwhile, Paisley, Cameron, and Lexi try to get into a private Lady Gaga concert.


When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive go to a magic store, they meet a mysterious genie named the Great Pancakes. He grants them all one wish. Olive wishes that Angus would stop bothering her, Chyna wishes that she would be discovered for her music, and Fletcher wishes that he would be famous for his art. Meanwhile, Cameron, Lexi, and Paisley try to get into Lady Gaga's private concert. They do everything from pretending to be room service, to impersonating actors. Just as Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive enjoy their wishes, it becomes a disaster for Chyna and Fletcher! As an old magic message once said, "Be specific enough."



To view the 3 GrANTed Wishes script, go here. This episode is not the second episode the second episode is An ant called lola